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May 18, 2016

Our council was the recipient of four outstanding achievements:

1) State Deputy Award:  -   to qualify, the council must submit necessary report on-time, attend state meetings, complete various activities.  Points are awarded and must amass a total of 750 points.  Our council proudly compiled 1150!    The...

February 24, 2016

John Williams recieved the honor of Knight of the Month for Feb -2016.






November 19, 2015


Brothers,  Nov. 18 @ MQHR - we have added 3 new Knights.


Left - Right
Dcn Paul (Sponsor) - Brian Armentrout   Joe Clark   Joel Haubenreich  


A.J. Elko   (not picutred)  

Please congratluate them! 





October 14, 2015


Our council welcomed 10 knew men, 16 in total from 6 councils including our Bishop J.Stowe

State Chaplian Mario T, State Deputy, fellow officers and many others attended to observe and support.