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Brother Knights,

Our Worthy State Deputy introduced a new program at the 2015 State Convention called 

“Carpenters Helpers”. The program is similar to the Stewards of Appalachia home repair 

program with the purposes of assisting churches in dire need of repair. A group of Knights led 

by Squack Jones and Gene Roberts made several trips to repair the Catholic Church in Jenkins 

Kentucky. This church was in need of major repairs and lacked the volunteers or funding to 

complete the project. Several years ago my home council in Mt. Washington made a donation 

to repaint the Catholic Church in Lebanon Junction following a flood. As much as we would like, 

we obviously do not have the recourses or the time to assist every church with normal repairs 

and upkeep.   

Our state is blessed with men skilled in the trades we need, carpenters, plumbers, electricians 

etc.  It is truly amazing how much work can be completed in a short time with a group of what I 

call “Jack of all trades” and led by someone skilled in each trade.

I would like to assemble a list of people interested in participating. This will allow us to contact 

people in the general area of the church in need. In some cases, individual councils may be in 

the position to assist.


We also need to establish a general fund for the sole purpose of funding these projects. Please 

forward donations to the Kentucky KofC Charities and write Carpenters Helpers and the bottom 

of the check.


Please contact me at 502-345-9782 for additional information.


Glenn Greenwell

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