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From the Grand Knight:

If you haven’t been to our monthly meetings recently, we as a Council have rolled out this phrase as our mantra for the next year (which runs July ’15 – July ’16):

Lifting while we climb.

Last year’s was “We must speak to them with our hands before we speak to them with our lips,” from St. Peter Claver. While this must also remain fundamental to our lives, this year’s mantra also addresses our momentum as a Council.

We’ve had broad success with many of our programs, and we’ve built more momentum within our Council probably since it was initially created in 2004. That energy is also being witnessed (and talked about) in our Parish community, as well as in the Lexington-area Catholic community as a whole.

It may seem that because of our momentum, it’s difficult to determine how and when to get involved with your Knights’ chapter. I only ask you to dispose of that thinking... immediately.

As we move, and as we gain momentum, we need YOU to help us to speed up even more, so we can climb to new heights. Help us out. Please, GET ON BOARD.

Show up, sign up... get involved.

Pick up a hammer, flip a pancake with that spatula, stir the kettlecorn, (especially) help bring more men into the chapter... whatever task is best suited to your time and capabilities.

Even though we have momentum, we need more men to lift. Figure out where the lifting is needed, and step in!

There’s no magic to “doing.” So, just “do!” We are all lifting as we climb. Get on board, and find your reward in performing service and charity in the name of our Lord as set forth by Fr. McGivney.

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